Our Digital Marketing Service

Influencer and KOL Marketing Service

We Connect Brands with Influencers to Create Biggest Impact

Adfocate is an influencer agency that focusing on influencer marketing strategy, linking the suitable and influential people with the brands. By using different marketing strategies with KOLs, micro-influencers and nano-influencers in order to unleash their influential power. Together with strategic digital advertising, in order to create the greatest impact for brands.

With a strong bonding with influencers, Adfocate has developed the influencer marketplace in 2021 – AdfoMall, to create a shopping community with local influencers. We have also developed affiliate marketing program to engage influencers for brand partnering.

Instagram Marketing Service

Instagram Maintenance and Instagram Content Creation

Instagram surging popularity signifies a shift from editorial content to imagery. As technology advances and attention spans dwindle, users want more content in less time, which create a strong need on Instagram image and video content. Adfocate has a wide network of photographers, content creators, influencers, creating engaging and viral social media content for your brand. 

Adfocate also provides client Instagram maintenance, engage your potential customers on a regular basis and convert your followers to become your real customers. 

If you are interested in Instagram marketing service, feel free to contact us.

Creative and Content

Creative Content Creation

With a strong need on social media image and video content. Adfocate has a team of creatives who can film, capture, make, paint, record, write, and draw all of your social media content in-house at a reasonable price. Our process ensures that our team thoroughly understands your brand’s voice and can properly communicate and produce content. On top of that, Adfocate has a wide network of photographers, content creators, influencers to co-create quality social media content for your brand.

Our process ensures that our team thoroughly understands your brand’s voice and can properly communicate and produce content that fits your brand need.

KOC Marketing and Brand Influencer Marketing

We Engage Your Staff and Consumers To Become Influencers!

KOC (Key Opinion Consumers) marketing is a new form of social media, engaging your consumers to become your influencers on social and unleash their influential power. KOCs are an authentic and trusted way to engage your consumers to promote your brand. We help the brand to identify the powerful KOCs, scale up the strategy and work together to generate authentic, trusted and reliable reviews, converting to outstanding results.  

Brand influencers marketing helps the brand staff and spokesperson to become online brand ambassadors. We provide all-round corporate trainings for your staff in order to improve their engagement on social media. To nurture them to become brand influencers.

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